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Will there be any changes in the selection of LED solar light materials?

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Will there be any changes in the selection of LED solar light materials?

LED solar light

      LED solar light is a coordinated cooperation, and the quality of each component inside determines the life of the solar street light.

      So everyone knows how to determine the quality of each part of the solar street light? The editor of Shandong ximan solar street light manufacturer will show you the following.

LED solar light consists of street light poles, solar battery components, batteries, solar controllers and light sources (lamps). The quality assessment of each component is as follows:

      1. Main pole: high-quality steel, thickness (> 3.0mm), high strength, hot-dip galvanizing inside and outside, surface electrostatic spraying, good corrosion resistance; color, height and specifications can be selected according to design requirements.

      2. Solar cell module: crystalline silicon solar cell module, conversion efficiency is more than 17%, using high-quality low-iron tempered white glass,

      3. Light source: high-power, high-brightness LED light source, light-emitting angle above 110 degrees, using constant voltage and constant current drive circuit, after special heat dissipation treatment, stable performance, and a service life of up to 7 years.

      4. Solar battery: Choose all 12V valve-regulated lead-acid maintenance-free solar batteries.

      5. LED solar light controller: optional multi-function controller with multiple patents. The control time can be set at will. It has multiple protection functions such as anti-reverse connection, anti-charging, over-charging, over-discharging, short-circuit, lightning protection, and temperature compensation.

      High-quality LED solar light has good lighting effects, excellent performance, stable operation and long continuous. Even if the price is a little bit different, the functions used will be different.

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