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Why use LED explosion-proof lights?

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Why use LED explosion-proof lights?

LED explosion-proof lights

With the recent explosion of news in chemical plants everywhere, the country has become more and more strict with the use of explosion-proof lights in explosion-proof areas. Now the country's focus on remediation is Tianjin. The Tanggu explosion caused very serious consequences due to a fire and explosion in a chemical warehouse. Now the fire brigade is strictly investigating these dangerous areas step by step. Especially the requirements for the use of lighting are more stringent. In this way, the market of LED explosion-proof lights plays a certain leading role. At the same time, the explosion-proof manufacturers of small workshops are worried. What they worry about is that the LED explosion-proof lights are sold in. What if they find out that they do not have a certificate, this also provides us with a chance for certified manufacturers. What are the benefits of LED explosion-proof lights?

In order to prevent explosion, energy saving, rainproof, anti-corrosion and convenient installation, LED explosion-proof lights must be used.

With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, the safety of the production environment is getting higher and higher, and the safety of some special production environments is also attracting more and more attention. Especially in some gas stations, chemical plants, painting workshops and other places with flammable gas and dust, safe production is the first criterion. In addition to normal production equipment, transportation equipment, and even their lighting appliances, they create a safe production environment. Necessary conditions.

In order to prevent explosion caused by ignited gas and dust, explosion-proof lights must be used;

In order to reduce lighting energy consumption, LED explosion-proof lights should be used;

In order to make the lamp resistant to rain during use, the protection level of the explosion-proof lamp must reach IP65;

In order to make the lamps resistant to the corrosion of various gases and liquids, the anti-corrosion level of the explosion-proof lamp must reach WF2;

In order to adapt the lamp to a variety of installation environments, the explosion-proof lamp must have a wall-mounted (bracket type), ceiling type (embedded), street lamp type (guardrail pole type) U-shaped bracket, ceiling bracket, street lamp Various installation methods such as type accessories;

In order to be able to use it for a long time and make better use of the explosion-proof lamp, the explosion-proof lamp should have a 5-year warranty.

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