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Why solar street lights are known as energy saving and environmental protection

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Why solar street lights are known as energy saving and environmental protection

solar street lights

With the recent advancement of science and technology, almost all places are lit by fire. With the general improvement of the economic level, they are also developing towards technology. In the past night, in the countryside, except for the light from the houses, other places were dark. Yes, there is less and less time for fun at night

And now street lights are very common in various rural areas. Compared with city circuit lights, solar street lights are obviously more popular. Why? In fact, there are mainly the following reasons. Shandong ximan street lamp manufacturer will show you some knowledge about solar street lamps, let’s take a look!

 1. More convenient

As mentioned above, the installation of city circuit lights requires some extra electrical equipment such as cables, which need to be dug and buried. This not only increases additional expenditures, but also increases labor costs and makes installation more troublesome.

Solar street lights only need to dig a pit to install the ground cage. For some remote areas with insufficient power equipment, it is simple and convenient, and it also reduces the risk of cable theft.

In addition, it is troublesome to check the problems one by one when the city circuit lights encounter problems. The technical requirements for maintenance personnel are also higher. However, if there are problems with solar street lights, basically you only need to check the street lights that have problems. Yes, it is easier to repair.

2. Lower cost

This is definitely a problem that many people will consider. Installing solar street lights, except for the initial cost, will basically not incur any costs afterwards. Because it is powered by solar energy, there is no need to generate any electricity costs, so it is also There is no such thing as paying electricity bills.

The installation of city circuit lights also requires digging pits and burying cables. Compared with the sparsely populated rural areas, the monitoring equipment is not sound, and it is prone to accidents of cable theft, which will increase the cost. Solar energy Street lights do not involve this process, and the cost is lower.

3. High security

Another is that the safety of solar street lights is much higher. For example, our southern solar street lights are very suitable for installation in rural areas. They use direct current and the voltage is usually only 12V or 24V.

The mains power is 220V alternating current, which is more dangerous, and the solar street light also has an intelligent controller that can balance the current and voltage of the battery, and can also intelligently cut off the power.

4. Environmental protection

With the rapid development of social science and technology, the use of energy is also increasing. In order to protect non-renewable resources and leave enough resources for future generations to use, the development and utilization of renewable resources has become an important project.

Among traditional energy sources, coal, oil, and natural gas belong to the non-recyclable energy structure. Their damage to the environment is irreversible and cannot be recycled. The collection, use and emission of energy through solar energy are all green and environmentally friendly. As a renewable energy source, it is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. This puts an effective label of "energy saving and environmental protection" on solar street lights.

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