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Where do you "start" when buying LED high bay lights

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Where do you "start" when buying LED high bay lights

LED high bay lights

    When buying, you should choose to buy according to your own needs, depending on the environment and the desired effect.

     LED high bay lights and LED energy-saving lamps have already played a very important role in lighting. Energy saving and environmental protection are the first choice for green lighting. When buying LED high bay lights, you pay for what you pay for. When you buy LED energy-saving lamps, you must not blindly choose the most suitable one. You should consider the following points:

    1. The quality of LED high bay lamps and LED energy-saving lamps: quality is the most important consideration. If it is a large-scale lighting place or installation of lamps with a certain degree of difficulty, and the purchase of poor-quality products, the maintenance difficulty is completely unimaginable, and the company will suffer immeasurable losses.

    2. The power of  LED high bay lights and LED energy-saving lamps: power determines the brightness and power consumption. Since we use energy-saving and environmentally friendly lamps, we cannot choose high-power lamps. The most suitable one should be chosen.

    The power of the selected lamps can just meet the brightness required for lighting. Therefore, we determine the lighting area, brightness requirements and the number of LED high bay lamps and LED energy-saving lamps needed before buying. To illuminate without dead corners, it is necessary to install lamps in multiple places.

     Household lighting uses LED energy-saving lamps, but commercial lighting needs to buy LED high bay lamps.

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