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When LED street lights are maintained in summer, these two items must be paid attention to!

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When LED street lights are maintained in summer, these two items must be paid attention to!

With the advent of spring, the pace of summer is getting closer and closer to us, and it will not be long before we will usher in the hot summer. Summer is a season with many typhoons and heavy rains. The LED street lights on the road must be carefully maintained and inspected. If the maintenance is not good, serious safety hazards may occur. So what do you need to pay attention to in the summer of LED street lights? Next, manager Yang from the street light manufacturer will take you to understand

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1. Whether the street light pole is tilted

  We all know that street light poles are an important part of LED street lights. However, under the stormy and windy weather in summer, the wind is relatively strong in some areas. If the street lamp foundation is weak or the embedded depth is not enough and the soil quality changes, it is very likely to cause the street lamp pole to tilt. Some street light poles have small wall thickness and poor quality, and the strong summer wind will cause the street light pole to tilt. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to this matter, and find and solve this problem in time, so as to avoid the falling of the street light pole to hurt pedestrians and affect the safety of pedestrians.

2.the waterproof performance of LED street lights

  There are heavy rains in summer, and LED street lamps are exposed to wind and rain all year round. Therefore, the waterproof performance of LED street lamps and lanterns needs our attention especially. Although it rains heavily in summer, rainwater may not be able to enter the interior of the led street lamp, but the condensation of water vapor may also cause the short circuit of the ed street lamp. So we have to open the door valve under the street light pole in time to see if there is water seepage or poor contact in the joints everywhere. If such a situation occurs, it must be repaired in time to prevent accidents such as leakage or fire.

You must pay special attention to the above two items during summer maintenance. These two items can not only ensure the service life of LED street lights, but also avoid unnecessary safety hazards. In addition, ximan lighting would like to remind everyone that when installing LED street lights, we must strictly follow the installation steps provided by the street light manufacturers, and remember not to install them at will!

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