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What problems will high bay lights encounter in the design?

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What problems will high bay lights encounter in the design?

        LED high bay light

        Every product requires strict and reasonable design. Design is something simple but not simple. In the process of designing and producing LED high bay lights, many considerations are required. Let's let the Shandong ximan led industrial and mining lamp manufacturer show you the considerations in the design process of industrial and mining lamps. The factors considered are heat dissipation, power supply, assembly relations, and its cost, etc.

        When designing high bay lights, consider the power selection. The power of new high bay lights can be selected according to demand. The design and structure of high bay lights also need to be considered. The structural design of LED high bay lights not only involves the mechanical structure of the whole lamp, but also the beautiful appearance of the lamp.

        Secondly, the heat dissipation design of LED high bay lights is also very important. The use of crystal lenses for light distribution can meet the lighting needs of different occasions; the use of transparent structure design to optimize the heat dissipation structure can ensure the life of high bay lights.

        The last thing that needs to be considered is the cost. Compared with the metal halide lamp for plant lighting, the initial investment cost of led high bay lights is more. With its own conditions, the service life of the lamp will also increase

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