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What are the design factors to consider when installing LED street lights?

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What are the design factors to consider when installing LED street lights?

      LED street lights

      Lighted lighting enters people’s field of vision, and slowly promotes development. The evolution of LED street lights, in terms of energy saving, is a very dangerous thing to discredit walking at night. It is easy to not see what is ahead and not know what dangers are around. Cause various accidents. Therefore, the existence of street lights not only illuminates the dark night, but also improves people's night safety.

      The street lamp is used more and more commonly in our daily life. It can be said that it can be seen basically in our daily life. In addition, it has already become a beautiful scenery line in people's cities.

      1. Taking into account the factors of safety factor

      No matter what the situation is, safety hazards are all critical problems. When designing street lights, safety factors must be taken into account. Before designing, the entire installation process must be analyzed to ensure the development of street lights. At the time of installation, ensure that the street lights are relatively sturdy, and also consider the size of the output power of the lamp load, so that all system software can work well.

  2. considering the problems of energy conservation and environmental protection

      When designing LED street lights, the energy-saving and environmental protection problems should also be taken into consideration. Because street lights must flash for a long time, the output power of street lights generally does not need to be large, which can be dominated by lighting fixtures to prevent Lead to a lot of extravagant waste of electromagnetic energy.

     3.put beauty in the first place

      When designing street lamps, we must take into account the beauty of street lamps. Because the rows of street lamps have the madness of purifying the environment in people’s cities, when designing it, we should make it look To have artistic beauty, we must consider the height of the street lights, ensure that all street lights have the same height, and the degree should be moderate, so that when the lighting effect is illuminated, it will give people a more comfortable feeling.

      It is also necessary to consider the interval between the street lights, so that no matter where you look at it, you can feel that the street lights are beautiful.

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