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Use of shock-proof floodlights

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Use of shock-proof floodlights

Shockproof flood light is suitable for railway, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical and all kinds of factories, stations and large facilities, stadiums and other places for fixed flood lighting. Its performance characteristics are the double shock absorption of the internal structure and material of the lamp body, and the overall seismic performance is good. The use of lightweight alloy materials and high-tech spraying technology, the shell will never rust and never corrode; the use of high-efficiency gas discharge light sources, energy saving, long life, lamp life up to 16,000 hours or more.

Shockproof flood light is particularly suitable for outdoor unattended lighting in large areas; it has good electromagnetic compatibility and does not cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment. The overall temperature of the lamp is low, the heat dissipation is good, and the performance is stable. The new technology such as piping is used to ensure that the overall performance of the housing is good, the seal is reliable, waterproof and dustproof; the humanized appearance design and the pale green environmental protection color match are fully harmonious with the natural landscape It is integrated into one body; the installation method can be installed by using a seat type or a wall-mounted ceiling type, and the operation is simple and convenient.

When installing and maintaining shock-proof floodlights, the power must be turned off. Never operate with power on. During use, there is a certain temperature rise on the surface of the lamp, which is normal; the center temperature of the transparent part is high and must not be touched. If the external flexible cable or cord of this lamp is damaged, the cord must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a qualified person. According to the site environment and lighting needs, determine the installation location and appropriate installation of lamps and ballasts. According to the distance from the ballast to the 220V power contact, prepare a three-core cable with a corresponding length.

Fix the lamp and ballast in the determined installation position. Use a socket wrench to tighten the bolts. One end of the three core cable is introduced into the ballast cavity through the introduction device of the ballast output port. The wires are connected to the ballast terminals, and the three cores are connected with a lead card After tightening the cable, tighten the compression nut. Close the ballast box cover and tighten the fastening bolts, then connect the other end of the three-core cable to the 220V power supply to achieve lighting. When replacing the lamp, remember to cut off the power first.

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