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Rapid identification of the difference between LED and LED screen transparent glass screen

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LED display principle is transparent micro innovation LED light bar screen, a patch of the manufacturing process, packaging lamp beads, control systems have been targeted improvements, together with the structure of hollow design, to reduce the structural components of the line of sight blocking, improved lighting and permeability properties. Because of the special nature of the glass curtain wall windows and other environments, LED screen transparent box customized more. Terminator LED library screen using a transparent box design streamlined, reducing the width of the keel box and the LED light bar supports a fixed number, LED unit close to the glass panel may be mounted from the rear glass, cell size can be customized according to the size of the glass, the glass lighting is a perspective impact wall is small and easy to install and maintain.

"Led transparent screen is completely transparent it? "

LED transparent screen is in fact not fully transparent, many Internet users have been given the name misunderstood, mainly through some of its technology to increase the permeability of the LED display, making the display closer to transparent, as is now the most common LED transparent glass curtain wall screen, which is installed by the inside of the glass curtain wall, glass curtain wall on the outside of some high-rise buildings, shopping malls and other invisible LED transparent screen, and do not have the same, but when the display lights up, you can see very sharp and vibrant picture. And it does not affect the high-rise buildings and shopping malls within these light and ventilation. This is the reality of the so-called transparent LED screen.

"Led transparent display screen is doing what? "

led display is transparent like glass having a LED display lighting effects, it is the use of SMT chip manufacturing process, packaging technology lamp beads, while the control system is also targeted improvement; Khatami libraries is the use of a transparent LED display lamp beads embedded within the light bar slot, this display is more stable, more open perspective, with hollow shape structural design, reduction of the structural member blocking the line of sight, to maximize the permeation rate.

Referring to FIG finished led transparent screen

Currently transparent LED screen mainly used in glass curtain walls, windows, commercial displays, stage choreography, television, windows, exhibitions, jewelery shops / canopy and other fields. "LED screen and transparent glass screen has LED What are the characteristics? "

1, a different structure is employed a permeable screen LED SMD chip packaging techniques lamp affixed within the recess of the PCB, the module size can be customized, LED Terminator library using the transparent screen is attached to the positive side of the light emitting technologies. Transparent LED screen LED display, also known as glass walls, it is common partner glass curtain wall, windows and other glass, after the power-play company promotional video, pictures. LED is the use of a transparent conductive glass screen technology, the light emitting diode structure layer is fixed between two sheets of glass of high-end custom photovoltaic glazing, belongs to a bright screen. It can draw different graphics (star, patterns, body shape and other fashion graphics) depending on the scene.

2, the mounting operation of the LED may be mounted on a transparent screen, most of the glass walls of buildings, strong compatibility. Lifting transparent LED display can be employed, as well as single-mount installation. LED glass screen is mounted to be reserved in advance when the position of the screen means design of the building, and then mounted onto a glass architectural glass backbone. The existing glass curtain wall is no way to install. LED screen installation glass architectural glass glass curtain wall installation at the time of construction, convenient maintenance.

3, the weight of the product LED light-clear transparent screen products, PCB thickness of only 1-4mm, screen body weight of 12kg / m. LED glass screen with a luminescent glass products, glass itself is a weight of 28kg / m.

4, transparent LED screen maintenance quick and easy maintenance, saving manpower and material and financial resources. LED glass screen is almost no way to maintain, need to remove the existing building infrastructure, replacement of glass block screen, heavy maintenance costs.

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