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Precautions for the use of LED explosion-proof factory lights

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Precautions for the use of LED explosion-proof factory lights


Check before installing the LED explosion-proof lamp.

In the past, in petrochemical enterprises, explosion-proof lighting fixtures were mainly used in explosion hazard locations. With the wide application of increased-safety electrical equipment in explosion-hazardous areas in Zone 2, increased-safety and composite lighting fixtures are increasingly used. On the basis of certain explosion-proof performance, safety-increased lamps have the advantages of lighter weight, lower price, convenient installation and maintenance, and long service life compared with flameproof lamps.

LED explosion-proof lights should be checked from the nameplate and product manual before installation: explosion-proof type, category, level, group, enclosure protection level, installation method and installation fastener requirements, etc. The installation of the LED explosion-proof lamp should ensure that it is firmly fixed, the fastening bolts should not be replaced at will, and the spring washers should be complete. The dust-proof and waterproof sealing ring should be placed as it is when installing. Where the cable enters, the cable and the sealing gasket should be closely matched, the cross section of the cable should be round, and the surface of the sheath should not have defects such as unevenness. The redundant inlet must be sealed according to the explosion-proof type, and the compression nut must be tightened to seal the inlet.

First of all, when using the LED explosion-proof lamp, pay attention to the installation and maintenance of the lamp, be sure to cut off the power supply, and never use it with electricity. During use, if the temperature of the lamp surface rises, this is normal. The temperature in the center of the transparent part is relatively high, do not touch it. If the external flexible cable or cord of this luminaire is damaged, do not replace it yourself, and need to be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a qualified person.

Secondly, the lamps should be maintained as required during the period of use, and the instructions should be strictly followed to avoid unnecessary personal and property safety damage. For those who do not understand, you can consult a professional for consultation. Do not damage the lamp body at will. Note that it is normal for the temperature of the lamp body to rise during use. Don't panic. Operate properly within the allowable range to ensure personal safety. Moreover, the dust and dirt on the lamp housing should be cleaned regularly to improve the lighting and heat dissipation performance of the lamp.

Finally, users should keep in mind that they should not buy from informal merchants because they are greedy for small bargains, which may cause unnecessary personal damage and eventually lead to tragedy and harm others. When buying, you must buy from a regular manufacturer, read the instructions carefully, use and maintain the led explosion-proof lamp as required, the maintenance of the led explosion-proof lamp is the first important thing, you need to keep in mind, maintain it regularly, and use the explosion-proof lamp carefully for yourself and others. Life is responsible.

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