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Name LED screen transparent screen-ice origin principle and technology advantage?

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Origin of the name

What is LED transparent screen-ice screen? Ice LED screen is actually a transparent screen, because of its crystal clear appearance, such as translucent as ice, in order to facilitate everyone's memory and promotion, so are called "ice screen." "Ice screen" One product is photoelectric named in 2015 for choreography products. Ice screen, as clear and transparent as ice, perfectly clean. With frequent appearances on the international stage, screen the name of the ice, quickly been known to stage choreography circles. This time, "Beijing eight minutes" stunning debut, let the world also learned ice screen. The buyers because of outstanding performance benchmarking, peer competition in the field of LED manufacturers have begun to direct transparent screen called "ice-screen" in order to confuse the public, so that unknown so eventually buy a factory called "ice-screen" .

Name LED screen transparent screen-ice origin of what its principles and technical advantages?

What, then, to realize the principle of transparent LED screen-ice screen is it?

It looks like a high permeability fancy a shutter, which is designed to significantly reduce the structural member for blocking the line of sight, the maximum permeation rate up to 90%, to maximize the effect of perspective, it is clearly highest perspective best display apparatus. A transparent screen having a new and unique LED display, a viewer standing over the viewing distance, the screen as suspended above the glass, the glass and does not affect the original function of lighting.

And the LED screen transparent screen-ice product is worthy of recognition, modular design, free DIY design, new structure design to meet the lifting, vertical installation requirements to meet indoor and outdoor use requirements; and ultra-light, weighing only about 10KG single person can easily lift, ultra-thin.

LED transparent screen limitations of traditional LED display applications in the glass, which is close to the clarity high definition LCD, and to achieve a transparent, intelligent, high-definition, it is the LED display development of a new direction in the future, will be more and and more widely used.

Technical advantages

Emitting side - Ice original screen is mainly used lone side surface of the light emitting lamp surface-mount technology, high permeability, high angle, both sides of double-sided imaging, vivid images.

85% transparent rate - ice screen will increase the permeation rate to 85%, a large coffee really help choreography presents three-dimensional and realistic three-dimensional space of the stage, to improve the expressiveness of the program.

Do not knock lights - ice screen early in the design to take into account how to reduce due to the disassembly and brought damage to the product and the ease of maintenance problems after the damage.

Wide viewing angle - the screen lights beads of ice without a stent occlusion, the brightness increases from the front of the screen body along the sides, front and are positive about the best viewing over the surface, so that the overall stage show better.

Small files

Chinese name: Ice screen

English name: Ice Screen

Inventor: One product photo

Birthplace: Shenzhen

Naming people: One product photo

Birth Date: 2015

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