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LED street lights save more than 20% of electricity than traditional street lights

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LED street lights save more than 20% of electricity than traditional street lights


LED street lamp manufacturers: traditional street lamps are mostly practical high-pressure sodium lamps. At present, many main and secondary roads in our cities still use high-pressure sodium lamps. High-pressure sodium lamps have been used for many years and the lights are dim. For pedestrians and vehicle drivers, the road conditions are not clear and easy to see. Traffic accidents occur, especially in cities where motorcycles are not banned. It is recommended to replace with LED street lights, 60W~100W LED street lights can replace traditional high pressure sodium lamps up to 250W or more, and the brightness of LED street lights is greater, which is more energy-efficient than high-pressure sodium lamps.

Replacing street lights often requires more funds. At this time, you can use the EMC contract energy management model. The LED street lamp manufacturer pays the cost. The customer can replace the street lamp without investing or paying a small amount of money. The profit of the LED street lamp manufacturer will be from the future Taken from the electricity bills saved by LED street lights within five years. For street lamps without street lamps, it is also suitable for installing LED street lamps. The power of LED street lamps is one-fourth of traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, and the thickness of buried cables is only about one-third of traditional street lamps, saving a lot of money.

In order to further save the installation cost of LED street lights, solar street lights can be installed in street lights with less traffic, such as township street lights and urban roads. The current solar street lamp heads on the market are also used LED street lights, and LED street lamp heads have a longer service life. It has no pollution to the environment and can be recycled, and the installation of solar street lights does not need to be buried, and it uses inexhaustible solar energy, which is more energy-saving than ordinary LED street lights. It is recommended to consult LED street lamp manufacturers for specific street lamp installation solutions.

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