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LED screen shows the importance of the control card!

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LED screen shows the importance of the control card!

The control card is the core component of the LED display. It is mainly responsible for receiving the screen display information from the serial port of the computer, putting it into the frame memory, and generating the serial display data and scanning control timing required by the LED display according to the partition driving method. We can see the importance of the LED display control card from the word "core component".

   Common problems in the use of LED display control cards are generally divided into: display problems, communication problems, functional requirements problems, solution three steps: press the test button (test the power supply and cable connection), the switch in the software for serial communication Machine (test port and communication line), turn off the power and wait for all lights to go out before powering on (initialize).

   Show problem solution

   1. When the control card is normal, why is there no display or abnormal brightness on the display?

   Answer: After the control card is connected to the display driver, the default is 16 scans. If there is no display, please check whether the data polarity and OE polarity settings in the control software are correct; if the brightness is abnormal, a line is particularly bright, indicating that the OE setting is reversed , Please set OE correctly.

   2. Why does the display not display normally after the information is loaded?

   Answer: Check whether the scan output selected in "LED Display Control Card Settings" is correct.

   3. After the transmission is successful, the display screen shows garbled characters, garbled characters, and moves regularly (the words cannot be seen)?

   Answer: The typical scanning method is wrong. Generally, 4 scans for semi-outdoor and outdoor, 16 scans for indoor, 8 scans for car screen, save and send successfully after changing the setting screen parameters.

   4. After the transmission is successful, a horizontal bright line appears on the display screen, what kind of bright one line every few lines?

   Answer: The direction of the cable is reversed. Press the test button (included on the control card). In this case, the switch is generally immobile, and the end connecting the led display and the control card can be connected in reverse.

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