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LED explosion-proof floodlights used in chemical plants

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LED explosion-proof floodlights used in chemical plants

explosion proof flood light

Seeing this title, many people will certainly ask, is there any difference between the LED explosion-proof lights used in chemical plants and the LED explosion-proof floodlights used in other places?

First of all, the environment of a chemical plant is different from other places. It must be IP65 and EX-certified explosion-proof lights to be used. Because of the large amount of use in this place, energy saving must be considered while also taking into account a series of electrical equipment such as the installation and maintenance of emergency lights. The ambient temperature in many workshops of chemical plants is very high, and some require 24-hour work, so the performance requirements of the products are higher. Some workshops have corrosive liquids, and the anti-corrosion performance of the LED explosion-proof lamp is required to be higher, regardless of the LED explosion-proof In which factory the floodlight is used, it is necessary to choose a more suitable LED explosion-proof lamp according to the installation environment.

The LED explosion-proof floodlights of Shandong ximan brand have obtained the explosion-proof certificate and test report issued by the national authority, and the three-proof lighting lamps have obtained the 3C certificate. The quality is guaranteed and the service is more advanced.

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