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LED display access method and the usual steps of

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LED display now increasingly visible in our lives, to people's lives adds a beautiful style, but we are seeing not only the style, but also to see the fault LED display at the crucial moment brings, which is caused by users are most troublesome thing, then how do we solve it? First we have to find fault LED display which would often these problems occur, such as LED brightness, black, glowing and so on. So how will we on the LED display maintenance, repair what needs attention in time for it? And what are the basic steps repair?

LED display problem is ever-changing, so do not specify the detailed explanation for a problem, then we talk about the detection and repair of the basic steps of full-color LED screen repair it. This can master it, I think LED status appear at the crucial moment, you can see several reasons for this, and to get rid of the problem.

LED display maintenance detection methods, the short-circuit detecting method, a resistance detection method, detection voltage, the voltage drop detecting method, we talk about such specific methods.

1, the short-circuit detection method, the multimeter transferred short detection range (typically with alarm function, such as General guide stridulated), detecting whether there is a phenomenon of a short circuit, the short circuit was found to be resolved immediately, a short circuit is the most common LED display module failure. Some can be found by observing the pin and the pin IC pins. Short detection circuit should operate in case of power failure, to avoid damage to the multimeter. This method is the method most commonly used, simple and efficient. 90% of the faults can be detected by this method is determined.

2, the resistance detection method, the multimeter transferred resistance profile, the resistance value is detected to a point of a normal circuit board, and then detecting whether the test point with a normal resistance value of another block of the same board have different, If different then determines the scope of the problem.

3, voltage detection, voltage profile transferred to the multimeter, detecting suspect a problem point circuit to the ground voltage, whether the comparison is similar to normal values, can easily determine the extent of the problem.

4, the pressure drop detecting method, a detecting diode drop multimeter transferred file, because all the IC are substantially composed of many single element, but miniaturized, so when a current is passed through it on a pin, will there is a voltage drop on the pin. Similarly on the same pin of the IC is generally the same type of pressure drop, the pressure drop in accordance with the quality comparison value on the pin, the circuit must be operated at a power failure.

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