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How to maintain LED explosion-proof lights to have a long life

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How to maintain LED explosion-proof lights to have a long life


LED explosion-proof lamp is a kind of explosion-proof lamp, and its principle is basically the same as that of explosion-proof lamp. The difference is that its light source uses LED light source, which refers to lamps with various specific measures adopted to prevent igniting the surrounding explosive alternation. The lamp is by far the most energy-saving explosion-proof lamps, and its extensive expansion, chemical plants, petroleum, military and other places.

Some people ask after buying LED explosion-proof lights: how to maintain LED explosion-proof lights? Today, let’s talk about the points that should be paid attention to in the maintenance of LED explosion-proof lights.

1. To regularly check the LED explosion-proof lights, check whether the grounding clamp is grounded at the rest of the ground link.

2. In order to extend the placement of the LED explosion-proof lamp, do not install the windshield package in a vertical environment. This time the lamps will have a great impact.

3. Clean the LED explosion-proof lamp regularly, and wipe the external dust with a dry cloth to improve the light efficiency and heat dissipation performance of the lamp. Wet cloth cannot be used. It is best to cut off the power before cleaning.

4. Whether there is water in the lamp cavity of the lamps used in the surrounding environment should be maintained in time, and the sealing parts should be replaced to ensure the protective performance of the shell.

5. If the light source is damaged, turn off the light and notify the replacement in time to prevent the electrical components such as the ballast from being abnormal for a long time due to the failure of the light source to start.

6. Before closing the cover, use a damp cloth and do not wipe the light return and transparent parts of the lamp excessively to improve the light efficiency of the lamp. A thin layer of replacement anti-rust oil should be applied to the flameproof joint surface. Pay attention to the sealing ring when closing the cover. Whether the axial sealing function is in the original position.

7. After opening the cover, check whether the flameproof joint surface is intact, whether the rubber seal is hard or sticky, whether the wire insulation layer is green and tungsten carbide, whether the insulation and electrical components are deformed and scorched, if these are found If the problem occurs, it should be repaired and replaced in time.

8. Check the transparent parts, whether there are traces of foreign body impact, whether the protective net is loose, desoldering, corrosion, etc., if any, stop using it and repair and replace it in time.

9. The sealed part of the LED explosion-proof lamp is always disassembled and opened frequently.

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