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How to ensure that LED street lights can work normally

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How to ensure that LED street lights can work normally

LED street lights

LED street lights which are the most ideal road lighting fixtures, will be widely used in areas with the advancement of scientific research and the development of people's living standards, so that the sun's rays make the earth can be used by people. Street design studio needs scientific rationality. We need to consider the overall structure of the street, especially the research and development and maintenance of the lamp battery. Later, with the combination of urban environment and road conditions, the overall appearance of the street was designed, combined with practical experience. Optimize the system design to ensure the normal operation of LED street lighting.

LED street Lights controller optional reminder: To choose a high-efficiency charging controller with MCT charging mode controller can automatically track the maximum current of the solar panel, especially in winter or low illumination, MCT charging mode is about 20% more efficient than other Higher; should choose the controller, the controller has lower power consumption, 24 hours a day, because they have a large power consumption, will consume a certain amount of energy, the best choice for the power controller with 1 mA or less; should With the choice of two-way power regulators, the power adjustment of the controller has been widely promoted. There are few pedestrians at night, and one or two lights can be automatically turned off to save electricity. The power can also be adjusted for LED lights.

LED street lights can be divided according to the charge distribution of the three steps of photovoltaic power generation, electricity storage gel batteries, and lighting electricity. The three-step photovoltaic solar cell radiation amount changes in a year, and the natural battery storage capacity is also different. Since the lighting power controller set is fixed, this will inevitably lead to failure to light up normally in some cases. Therefore, the entire system configuration of the organic LED street light design guarantees 100% annual lighting. And with the changes in power storage technology and adjusted lighting power consumption, it will be the key to achieve 100% annual street lighting.

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