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How to distinguish the quality of LED street lights

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How to distinguish the quality of LED street lights

Even if the configuration is the same, the price of solar street lights from each manufacturer is different, so how do you judge the quality of led solar street lights? ximan lighting editor will explain to you the doorway.

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The quality of the led solar street light is not stated by the manufacturer. We have to verify from all aspects whether it is really a high-quality solar street light.

First of all, look at whether the battery type of led solar street lights is colloidal or lead-acid. Nowadays, lead-acid batteries have almost been eliminated. Secondly, look at whether the solar panel is made of crystalline silicon and which manufacturer is used.

Secondly, look at the material and production process of lamp poles and lamp holders. At this stage, the lamp poles of regular manufacturers are all processed by hot-dip galvanizing and plastic spraying. The surface of high-quality solar street lamp poles is smooth and shiny, without obvious burrs.

The lamp holder is of course better made of high-power LED lamp beads, and the quality and price of different lamp beads vary greatly. Some use the American Bridgelux lamp beads, through the secondary lens to distribute light, the service life is fired and the light efficiency is improved.

In addition, pay attention to the configuration of solar street lights. If the configuration is too small, it will not be able to meet the lighting requirements. At the same time, the battery is often in a state of loss, which will also affect the service life.

After reading the introduction of solar street light manufacturer ximan lighting, do you think that there is quite a lot of knowledge? Buying led solar street lights not only depends on the price but also the quality, this is the winner.

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