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How to complete intelligent dimming of LED tunnel lights

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How to complete intelligent dimming of LED tunnel lights

LED tunnel light

Now with the continuous energy-saving transformation of Chinese tunnel lighting, traditional high-pressure sodium lamps are replaced by dimming control LED tunnel lights, and an intelligent dimming control system is added to complete intelligent dimming control,LED tunnel light are equipped with tunnel lighting intelligent control system, with intelligent dimming control technology, which greatly reduces the operating cost and processing cost of tunnel lighting, and fulfills the strategic goal of energy.

The tunnel lighting intelligent control system is mainly composed of monitoring center, tunnel lighting dimming control part, various sensors and other modules. The tunnel lighting control system is mainly controlled by the upper computer and the local controller. There are two control modes for the lighting control of the upper computer. The manual method is to specify the output effect of the upper computer by the operator; the automatic method is that the upper computer calculates the output according to the received sensor information, including the brightness of the tunnel port and the tunnel. The logic control data of the lighting circuit is transmitted to the intelligent tunnel terminal of each section of the tunnel through optical fiber. The controller schedules the output brightness according to the control data of the host, and then controls the brightness of the lighting circuit. Complete the intelligent dimming control of the fixture.

In addition, the dimming control wires of all LED tunnel light dimming are connected with the same polarity through 2*1.5mm RVV wires (all dimming power dimming control wires are connected in polarity (color). On the core) and connected to the dimming The output of the module. Dispatching the brightness of LED lights by dispatching bus analog signals.

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