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How to choose high-power LED street light power supply correctly and reasonably

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How to choose high-power LED street light power supply correctly and reasonably

LED street lights

As the light source of street lamps, LED has the advantages of long life, good impact resistance, adjustable brightness, low luminous flux loss, good light-emitting direction, and harmless to the environment compared with traditional light sources. At present, European and American countries have greatly replaced traditional street lamps, such as high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps, and many domestic first- and second-tier cities have also been put into use.

Here we introduce some issues that need to be paid attention to when choosing LED street light power supply and some characteristics of Shandong Ximan LED street light power supply products.

One, high-quality components

LED street light is mainly used in outdoor environments. They must withstand the harsh environment of wind, rain, thunder and lightning for many years. The highest external temperature can reach 50°C, and the lowest temperature can reach -40°C. LED light source is a kind of semiconductor light source, its own light-emitting characteristics determine its failure rate is very low, and the failure rate of the connection part is also very low, so the quality of the LED drive power directly determines its service life. The entire street lamp it is also the core of the LED street light industry section.There are countless companies producing LED power supplies in China, but due to technical strength, cost control and other reasons, quality problems often occur. Once the street lights are installed, maintenance is not difficult and requires a lot of manpower and material resources. 

The quality of the power supply, good design is one of the elements, and the power supply components are the premise of high reliability. At present, the key components in the power supply are still some passive components and power components, such as capacitors, inductors, MOS, etc. The best quality of these components is still the products of American and Japanese manufacturers. Taiwan and domestic products are durable. There are still gaps in performance, anti-interference, environmental adaptability and quality. At present, all of our LED street light power products use electronic components from major first-tier manufacturers in the United States and Japan. Good design can ensure that the power supply can operate normally for a long time at a temperature of -40°C to 60°C. The actual failure rate of products currently used in large quantities is less than one tenth, which is at the leading level in the industry.

Second, the price

Currently, the LED street light power supply market is highly competitive. Although price is not the final determinant of the quality-first product market, the high cost performance under high quality can provide street lamp manufacturers with more profit margins and competitive advantages. . We have more than ten years of industry experience in the power supply industry and are an international parts agent, which can save agency profits and logistics costs. At present, many domestic power supply manufacturers purchase components through domestic component agents. The purchase cost is higher. Although there are several companies that can strictly control the cost, in contrast, the cost of our LED street light power supply is still high. Great advantage, please contact us for specific plans and prices.

Three, design margin

At present, the application environment of LED street light sold in the domestic market is very complicated. The main reason is the unstable power supply voltage. In the case of ordinary commercial power supply, the actual input voltage usually has a large deviation and various surges. Unsafe factors such as wave impact will always affect the normal operation of the LED power supply, which requires the power supply to have a certain design margin. At present, the design profit rate of mainstream LED street light power supplies on the market is generally around 40%. The power supply design team is the first in the industry to launch an LED power supply with at least 60% component design margin to ensure the high reliability requirements of LED street lights, and for key components, the reserved quantity is sufficient. As the person in charge of the technology research and development team said: "In the design of LED street lamp power supplies, we only save link costs that are not related to reliability. As long as the design involves reliability, we will absolutely follow the principles of stability and high reliability. , To ensure sufficient reliability. The design margin is the reason why our products can withstand the 50,000-hour durability test."

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