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How to choose LED high bay lights

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How to choose LED high bay lights

LED high bay light

Led high bay light refers to the general name of lamps and lanterns that need to be used in the production and operation areas of factories, mines, warehouses and sheds. In addition to various lighting lamps that can be used in general environments, they can also be used as explosion-proof lamps in special environments. And anti-corrosion lamps.

So how do we choose led high bay lights? Shandong ximan will tell you:

1. First look at the configuration of the lamps. The configuration affects the quality of the product. Generally, it depends on the lamp beads and the power supply. A good lamp with a good power supply can make the LED industrial and mining lamps operate stably for a long time.

2. Looking at the power again, there are often manufacturers on the market that will falsely report the power, which is of course invisible to new buyers, but as long as it is connected through the electric energy meter, its actual power can be seen. The power of the virtual standard will directly lead to insufficient illumination, which will affect the work of the workers in the factory below. But as long as you choose a reliable lighting brand, you can avoid this problem.

3. Look at the material and type of the radiator. Generally, the purity of the aluminum material, the larger the area of the heat sink, and the better its heat dissipation effect. Industrial and mining lamps with poor heat dissipation will generate temperature within a few hours of operation, and the undissipated heat will continue to affect the accessories, such as lamp beads, etc. will be affected.

If you need this led industrial and mining lamp, it is better to come to Shandong ximan, we will provide you with satisfactory service. Make you feel at ease, make you feel at ease, make you happy!

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