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How big is the application of LED lighting in China?

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How big is the application of LED lighting in China?

Maybe you often see LED products, so what do you know about the application of LED products in the Chinese market? In fact, LED displays, traffic lights, car lights, LCD backlights, mobile phone keyboards, digital camera flashes, decorative lighting, street lights LED devices can be seen in many ways such as general lighting. Today we will introduce in detail:

1. Overview of LED applications

    In the medium and long term, a new factor driving the growth of the LED industry will be the general lighting market.

    In view of the global trend of reducing carbon emissions, the demand for LED in China's general lighting field will be very strong. LED's low power consumption and environmental protection reduce the pressure of energy saving and emission reduction in the lighting industry.

 At present, the application of LED in lighting is still in the initial penetration stage. The R & D and manufacturing costs of the LED industry are high, and there is still a need to further improve the technology research and development. The pre-market promotion and the formation of consumer reputation have a significant impact.

Nowadays, there are more and more companies investing in this industry, with rising costs, declining profits, overcapacity, and price wars. SMEs are struggling. However, there are not many domestic brands, most of which are mainly regional brands. Therefore, there is still some room for development for related companies.

    Second, the application of LED light source in urban landscape lighting City landscape lighting is not pursuing brightness, but artistic creative design. LED products should be able to find its place.

    The LED with a small luminous angle has strong directivity and can be used for local key lighting; adding a scattering agent to the packaging material can achieve a 175-degree luminous angle suitable for a large range of lighting. The problem is that the construction unit in urban night lighting is too high Brightness is difficult to provide designers with a sufficiently large range of choices.

    At present, the LED light sources commonly used in urban night scene lighting projects mainly include:

    1. Decorative lawn lights, landscape lights, bulbs, etc.

    In urban streets or green spaces, the light-emitting parts are designed into various structures such as loops and bands to partially illuminate the lawn; at the same time, they become decorative elements in the daytime environment. The rated working voltage of commonly used products is AC220V, and the control mode is mostly internal control (synchronization lines can be used to implement forced synchronization in places where synchronization changes are required).

In actual projects, it is often used in conjunction with gas discharge lamp light sources as decorative lighting. LED lights of various shapes and functions, such as lawn lights, landscape lights, bulbs, etc., can be combined into colorful lighting phantoms.

This "multi-color, multi-bright spot, multi-pattern" change reflects the characteristics of LED light sources.

    2. Linear light fixture

    LED linear light fixtures (tubes, bands, curtain wall lights, etc.): The resulting outline lighting effects can replace traditional neon lights, magnesium neon light tubes, and color fluorescent lights.

 The rated working voltage of commonly used products is DC12V, 24V (most of which are powered by high-power switching power supplies, and some products use linear power supplies), AC220V; the control methods are divided into internal control and external control, and tens to hundreds of single体 组合。 Body combination.

LED linear light fixtures have been widely used in the contour lighting of urban buildings and the railing lighting of bridges due to their good weather resistance, extremely low light decay and variable colors during their lifetime.

Taking the outline light drawn by a building as an example, using the combination principle of red, green and blue LED light sources, it can be changed according to different modes under the control of a microprocessor, such as water ripple continuous color change, timing color change, gradient Transients, etc., form the effect of a variety of tall buildings at night.

    3. Underwater lights

 The LED underwater light is placed underwater and used for the illumination of water bodies, and the protection level should reach IP68. Rated working voltage DC12V.

The low-voltage operating characteristics of LEDs make it safer than any previous lamps, and the advantages of long life also make maintenance more convenient, and the resulting lighting effects are more abundant than commonly used PAR lamps and gas discharge lamps.

    3. Application of LED dynamic luminous characters in tall buildings

    Due to the characteristics of LED energy saving, LED has entered the urban lighting project, and many iconic landscapes, lighting projects, and lighting night scenes have begun to use LEDs as a colorful and energy-saving solid new light source.

The traditional city lighting is very power consuming, generally adopts the passive lighting of buildings, and its power consumption is very large. If the LED is used for active lighting, the power consumption is only 1/20 of the passive lighting method.

    In the future outdoor advertising logo market, LED technology and neon lights will complement each other. LED light sources play an increasingly important role in outdoor advertising lighting due to their significant advantages such as energy saving and long life.

The three-dimensional luminous characters with built-in led light source have excellent visual appeal, soft colors and rich dynamic effects. At the same time, led uses low voltage operation, safe and reliable, in terms of service life and maintenance costs, compared with other light sources such as neon lights have unparalleled advantages.

Compared with neon lights, LED light source dynamic luminous characters are not composed of light tubes with a strip structure, but are composed of individually controlled dot arrays of LED lights, so the changes are extremely rich. It is different from the passive lighting of light boxes, street signs and magnetic flaps, but adopts a single point of active lighting, so the display effect is more uniform.

Using advanced communication control technology, the LED light source dynamic luminous character system is all controlled by the semiconductor circuit, so there is no possibility of mechanical failure like the magnetic flap. At the same time, the control voltage is between 5 and 12 volts, which is quite safe to use.

    Fourth, the application of LED lighting in outdoor new media **, the trend of polarization of outdoor new media, one is the trend of popularization, and the other is the trend of ultra-subdivision.

    Since the crowd came out, everyone has completely accepted the concept of subdivision, and sometimes even reached the point of flooding. Today's outdoor new media is mainly channel media, mainly from the contact points of the audience.

 Each touchpoint may generate new media. It should be said that excessive subdivision has caused disgust among the audience.

 In the past two or three years, this industry may have a relatively large scale, and many subdivision trends have reached a certain end.

In addition, it is the trend of popularization, especially in a relatively closed public environment. The first is that in a relatively closed public environment such as buses, subways, and aviation, the audience is relatively large, and there are many types of channels that are exposed to more frequently.

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