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Applicable places of LED high bay lights

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Applicable places of LED high bay lights

LED high bay lights

When purchasing LED high bay lights, if you pay attention to the price of LED high bay lights first or put the price in the first place, you would be very wrong.

Now the LED market is mixed, the price is messy, and the quality is uneven. The LED high bay light is closely related to industrial production, which determines that its reliability, safety, reasonable light distribution, high reflection efficiency, and good durability are what we need to focus on first.

So you need a brand with quality assurance and a leader in the innovative LED industry-Shandong Seaman is a manufacturer specializing in the production of LED high bay lights, flood lights, street lights and other industrial lighting manufacturers. LED high bay light products adopt original imported chips, which have superior overall performance and are your best choice!

First of all, for factories, warehouses, workshops, etc. where LED high bay lights are applicable, insufficient lighting is the most likely to cause accidents. Fuqilai Lighting LED high bay lights use secondary light distribution design to concentrate limited light on effective working surfaces The three light distribution methods can not only meet different lighting needs, and ensure adequate lighting in factories, warehouses, workshops and other lighting places; they can also enhance the uniformity of lighting, improve ground utilization, and save energy; they can also reduce light pollution and light intrusion, and make The lighting is more comfortable.

Secondly, for LED high bay lights, heat dissipation is the most critical. Because if the heat is not effectively conducted out, it will affect the service life of the lamp and even cause a fire. At present, other high bay lamps in the LED market use centralized heat dissipation, and the performance and reliability of the lamps are poor. The fin structure of the LED high bay lamp module of Fuqilai Lighting is hollowed out on the back of the lamp to form convection heat dissipation, reduce the chip temperature, improve the reliability of the light source, and reduce the failure of the lamp. The service life of the finished lamp can exceed 100,000 hours and save more than 80% of power.

On this basis, Shandong ximan lighting LED high bay lights also have three installation methods: ceiling type, boom type, and ring type, which can ensure to meet the needs of different lighting places; it also adopts a modular design of light source, quick plug-in type, and easy to disassemble. , Easy to replace, easy to maintain, convenient for customers to use.

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