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Analysis on the failure of solar street lights not to turn on

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Analysis on the failure of solar street lights not to turn on

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With the rapid development of today's society, low-carbon new energy sources have gradually integrated into us. In order to save energy, many solar street lights have been installed from cities to rural areas. Their energy-saving and high-efficiency have been imitated in many places, but sometimes Because of frequent failures of one kind or another, today's Shandong ximan solar street lamp manufacturer analyzes the brightness failure of solar street lamps.

 1. Is the selection of the installation site reasonable?


For street lights that are not on, first check whether the installation site has sufficient sunlight. If the sunlight is insufficient, the solar panels can not supply the battery normally.


2. Check the LED light source


Solar street lights generally use LED lights, but if the street lights do not light up, in addition to the quality of the bulbs, it is more likely to be a problem with the connection and welding of the lamp sockets. At this time, you should replace the non-lighting LED lights or turn them off. Check if the light is on, and overhaul if any problems are found.


3. There is a problem with the line


After long-term use, there may be problems with poor line contact, especially the battery may be fed, resulting in a decrease in stored electrical energy, and as a result, the LED lights will flicker continuously. At this time, check and replace the line in time.


4. There is a problem with the battery


When the LED light is dim when it lights up and is not as good as before, check the battery to see if its energy storage has dropped. If such a problem occurs, it is necessary to replace the battery with a new one in time.


5. The whole light is off


For this kind of situation, first check whether there is water leakage or electric leakage. It may be that there is a problem with the controller. If possible, test the voltage. If the voltage is lower than 10.8V, it is not a problem of battery leakage or power feeding. Then check the battery board to see if it has sufficient voltage. If there is no voltage, replace the battery board in time. You can’t comment on the possible problems based on the brightness of the street lamp. In fact, a street lamp with high brightness is not necessarily a good product. The brightness of the LED street lamp itself is ten times that of the traditional lamp. If the brightness is too high, energy is wasted, and it is easy to cause glare from street lights.


In short, we must have a comprehensive consideration for the problems of solar street lights, and check step by step. For the problems found, the repairs should be repaired, and the key components should be replaced, so as to ensure the brightness of the street lights.

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