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Analysis on the Necessity and Measures of Lightning Protection for LED Street Lights

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Analysis on the Necessity and Measures of Lightning Protection for LED Street Lights

LED street lights

Today, the development of LED street lights in China has a history of nearly ten years, including power supply, power supply, heat dissipation technology, optical technology, etc., with new breakthroughs every year. Some basic technical problems of LED street lights have not yet been resolved in our country. The lightning protection problem of LED street lights is one of the problems that need to be solved. So why should we do a good job of lightning protection for LED street lights? How do we do it again?

1. The necessity of lightning protection for LED street lights

  Lightning strikes are electrostatic discharges that usually carry millions of volts from a cloud to the ground or another cloud. During transmission, lightning generates electromagnetic fields in the air, generates thousands of volts (ie, surges) on power lines, and induces current hundreds of miles away. These indirect attacks usually occur on wires that are exposed outdoors, such as street lights. Equipment such as traffic lights and base stations emit surges. The surge protection module directly faces the surge interference from the power line at the front end of the circuit. It transmits or absorbs surge energy to minimize the threat of surges to other working circuits, such as the AC/DC power supply unit in LED lighting equipment.

For LED street lights, lightning produces induced surges on the power line. This surge of energy produces a shock wave on the wire, that is, a shock wave. Surge is transmitted through this induction. The outside world is exploding. This wave will produce a sharp tip on the sine wave on the 220-volt transmission line. When the tip enters the street light, it will damage the LED street light circuit.

Therefore, the lightning protection of LED street lights will benefit their service life, which is currently necessary.

2. Lightning protection measures for LED street lights

LED street lights require a very small power supply voltage. Generally, the power supply is used to convert AC power to DC power. This makes the LED street light itself without lightning protection. Therefore, to solve the LED street lamp lightning protection problem, a street lamp lightning protection module needs to be added, which can effectively help the LED street lamp lightning protection.

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