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Analysis of LED explosion-proof light source

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Analysis of LED explosion-proof light source

There are many types of LED explosion-proof lights, LED explosion-proof platform lights, LED explosion-proof flood lights, LED channel lights, LED flood lights, LED high-head lights, LED flood lights, LED platform lights on the market. LED series lighting products also need to be rated.

Radon light source is the core component of lighting products. Without a high-quality light source, even a very good light fixture is just a housing. The light source involves color rendering, color temperature, life, energy saving and so on. Now, we perform a one-to-one analysis.

Color rendering: The color rendering index of an LED is a parameter of the ability of the LED light to restore color. It is mainly used to define the color rendering difference of different LED light sources. The lower the color rendering index, the more distorted the color seen by the naked eye. The color rendering index is not unique to LEDs. It is a parameter that all light sources have, that is, the ability to restore color. The color rendering index of high-quality daylight is 100, incandescent lamps are also 100, energy-saving lamps are 80-90, inferior lamps basically do not exceed 50, and ordinary lamps are 70-90.

Color temperature: In life, the color temperature of ordinary incandescent lamps is about 2800K, the color temperature of halogen lamps is 3400K, the color temperature of fluorescent lamps is about 6500K, the color temperature of warm white fluorescent lamps is about 4500K, and the color temperature of high-pressure sodium lamps is about 2000-2100K. At present, the traditional LED has a color temperature of up to 6000K. When working in a high color temperature environment for a long time, it is easy to dizzy, increase eye fatigue, and reduce work efficiency.


Illumination angle: LED explosion-proof light, LED explosion-proof platform light, LED explosion-proof flood light, LED I-shaped lamp, LED flood light, LED high ceiling light, LED flood light, LED platform light, LCW CRDP.CC lighting angle is 150 ° High-power LEDs with a precise beam angle of 150 ° have great versatility.


Resistant to large current: Positive white light to warm white light can be achieved at high currents up to 0.8A, and cold white light and full-color lighting can be achieved at high currents up to 1A. In the design of 150-200W or above, such as LED flood light, LED high ceiling light, LED high current resistance plays a vital role. In addition, the LED itself is compact and symmetrical, enabling high-throughput light sources through dense integration.

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